ClickIQ demystifies the proprietary panel


Many times companies require a highly specialized panel in order to garner the most accurate information relative to their specific market segmentation blueprints and promotional practices. When those situations arise, ClickIQ demystifies the often cumbersome, confusing, and expensive process of establishing and maintaining effective proprietary panel groups by offering PrivateIQ Panel Solutions. This turnkey, web-based tool helps businesses:

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In doing so, the PrivateIQ Panel allows companies to drastically reduce individual project costs, exponentially improve turn-around time and reach the most exact representation of their target markets. The result? Less money. Less time. Better accuracy. More agility.

PrivateIQ Panel Solutions automate and improve all aspects of proprietary panel administration including recruitment, on going management and access. What's more, all information obtained through the PrivateIQ Panel solution can be easily integrated into the IQPortal for automated project planning, data collection and analysis.