ClickIQ delivers award-winning marketing research


The IQCenter is ClickIQ's dedicated team of award-winning research consultants and analysts. The IQCenter provides both comprehensive marketing research solutions for businesses with limited time or expertise as well as "on-the-spot" expert assistance for clients well versed in marketing research but just looking for a little help on an as needed basis.

The IQCenter offers complete project execution, analytics, and reporting for a myriad of project types.  So whether you need a full-service solution for your marketing research initiatives or simply some help creating a survey questionnaire, ClickIQ's IQCenter has just the assistance you need.

Typical Insight Studies

Buyer Attitude and Usage

Behavioral Decision Tree

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Loyalty

Product Placement (in-store & on shelf)  

Advertisement Testing (print/audio/video)

Advertising Message Testing

Product Concept Test (Benefits & Features)

Product Positioning

Packaging Testing

Price Sensitivity

Brand Awareness and Preference

Employee Satisfaction

Market sizing/segmentation

Analytical Services

Complex survey logic

Online/Offline data collection

Multi-language studies (single data set)


Panel management

Quota Sampling

Insights Reporting

Open end response coding

Simple Analysis

     cross tabulation

     statistical significance testing

Complex Analysis

     Conjoint        Decision Tree

     Max Diff         LOC Testing

     TURF            Discrete Choice