e/visor: Consumer Panel

ClickIQ transforms the consumer panel

 Proprietary Consumer Panel


ClickIQ's proprietary e/visor panel of North American consumers transforms conventional thinking about the information and overall value on-line panelists provide to marketing research. Sourced via on-going, double opt-in recruiting techniques, the ClickIQ e/visor group represents the most deeply-profiled and continually-refreshed panel in the industry. ClickIQ's e/visor panel lets companies achieve the most granular definition of potential respondents relative to their precise market segmentation philosophies. Put simply, the e/visor panel helps businesses reach the right people in the right way, thereby increasing the accuracy and market value of consumer insight.


ClickIQ is committed to creating the RIGHT e/visor population that meets its client's needs. This means having enough valuable e/visors in the total population to guarantee that the frequency of participation does not bias the results that clients obtain.

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