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The ClickIQ Difference

We help our clients and partners transform market intelligence into true competitive advantage in a way that's smarter, faster and more cost-effective.

Marketing Research

ClickIQ's focus is on Custom Marketing Research, giving its clients the ability to gather insights specific to their needs from consumers that matter most.

Shopper Insights

More targeted research of shopper insights provides the finer details to understanding of shopper behavior and purchase influencers of a specific brand and/or product.

Category Insights

The broader view of category research provides an understanding of consumers' shopping behavior and purchasing influences within a category. 

Welcome, and thank you for your interest

At ClickIQ we recognize there are choices when it comes to investing your marketing research dollars and we do our very best to deliver the greatest value possible every day, on every project. While we won't claim we will always be the lowest cost solution, we are always competitive with our pricing and we never compromise on quality of service or data integrity. In fact, we guarantee our data integrity on every project we do.


ClickIQ is able to deliver on this promise because of Our People, Our Platform, and Our Panel.


Our People: It all starts with our IQCenter®, ClickIQ's award winning research team. Our focus and attention to detail is second-to-none, but we never lose sight of the big picture and overall objective of any study. We take the time upfront to understand our clients' needs helping us insure we deliver the actionable insights they demand and deserve.


Our Platform: The efficiency of our team is unparalleled due in large part to our IQPortal®, ClickIQ's internal project management system. Within the IQPortal, along with our own proprietary technology that enables project control from start to finish, we have integrated some of the most powerful research tools in the industry for survey design, development and analysis.


Our Panel: Over the past ten plus years, ClickIQ has built one of the most substantial, deeply profiled, proprietary consumer panels in the market. We developed and continue to manage our consumer panel with one purpose, to support the needs of our clients. ClickIQ does not offer, sell or share its panel with any outside sample provider. While this is rare, we maintain it gives us better control of our panelists and ultimately better data for our clients.


Thanks to all of this, ClickIQ is able to deliver actionable insights to our clients, at a great value and within a timeframe that can't be beat.

Maximizing the Power of Marketing Research

ClickIQ designed its products and services to maximize your investment in marketing research while minimizing the waste associated with traditional forms of data collection and analysis - the waste of time, of money, of resource overlap. From our fully-integrated project management system to our award-winning research team to our online proprietary consumer panel and private panel administration system, ClickIQ's flexible research solution provides a smarter and faster way to:


• Supplement existing research resources

• Facilitate multi-channel studies (online and offline)

• Streamline project workflow and approval processes

• Reach highly-specific panel groups

• Accumulate information assets and ensure data quality and consistency

• Capture and continually refresh the depth and breadth of panelist profiles


Our solutions work in concert or as individual components depending on specific research and organizational needs. So whether you require a partner to work in concert with your organization developing a formal learning plan, execute a start-to-finish ad-hoc project including analysis and insights reporting, or simply need assistance collecting data against a highly targeted consumer group within our consumer panel, ClickIQ has exactly the right mix of products and services to ensure the greatest value for your research dollar.


IQCenter: Award Winning Research Teame/Visor: Proprietary Consumer PanelIQPortal: Proprietary, internal project management systemPrivateIQ: Client-exclusive panel solutions

The ClickIQ Difference

ClickIQ's ability to provide customized marketing research services to meet each client's business needs is paramount to our success and more importantly, the success of our clients. Here are some important facts to consider:


1. Data Integrity is guaranteed. ClickIQ guarantees the data collected using our e/Visor Consumer Panel will not contain invalid, false or purposely misleading data or information.


2. ClickIQ is not a sample provider. The e/Visor Consumer Panel is used only for our clients' research needs.


3. Pre screening survey participants is essential to minimizing project time and costs. ClickIQ utilitzes a series of screening questions (also known as, Profile Boosters) to identify 500 points of interest. This process allows ClickIQ to identify those respondents whom our clients need to reach and minimize unnecessary email invitations to e/Visors who would not qualify to complete the surveys.


4. Client Specific Profile Boosters targeting client specific requirements. In addition to the standard ClickIQ Profile Boosters, ClickIQ also develops Proprietary Profile Boosters for our clients in order to screen e/Visors for industry specific criteria. (i.e. What are your favorite casual dining restaurants? How often do you visit a casual dining restaurant? With whom do you usually dine with at your favorite casual dining restaurant?)


5. Never outsourced or off-shored: Every project is assigned to a dedicated team of marketing research professionals located at our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. ClickIQ assures our clients a cohesive transition from project development to execution and data collection to analysis and reporting, all under one roof.


6. Our specialty is in custom marketing research. The IQCenter has the expertise and professionalism to recognize the nuances of every project, client, and industry. Each project is carefully reviewed, business needs ascertained, and study objective agreed upon with the client.


7. The whole truth: ClickIQ believes it is in our client's best interest and facilitates informed business decisions to provide results that are unbiased whether or not the results support the client's assumptions. ClickIQ's clients are ensured to receive data results that are impartial and honest.


8. Avoid unnecessary mistakes: The IQCenter double proofs everything from survey drafts, programmed surveys, and survey logic to ensure accuracy before a survey is launched to the respondents. In order to minimize respondent bias, ensure consistency/accuracy, and optimize survey results, the IQCenter also reviews client-provided survey drafts, making recommendations when appropriate. All analysis and reports are also double proofed in order to provide our clients with a document they can confidently share with interested parties both inside and outside their organizations.

Better Data = Better Decisions

ClickIQ delivers its market research solutions to some of the best and most respected companies.